Sales Training Important

Why Is Sales Training Important for Your Business?

Most of the organisations think it to be an unnecessary expense when it comes to training. However, the fact is that sales training programs can help your organisation make great benefits. Such programs will be invaluable for your both you employees and business. To get maximum ROI, you can invest in some better courses from some well-known sales training companies.

Still wondering how beneficial will these courses be for your business? Here are the 3 invaluable benefits that you can derive:

1. Increased sales

What can be better than generating more sales for your organisation? An effective sales training will help in generating more sales and maximize profit. How? The course will take a complete account of the sales cycle and its processes and will give your sales team a better understanding of the process. This will in return help your team to convert the leads generated into actual sales.

A reputable training consultancy will help your team to get the necessary knowledge and skills for doing better business and making more profits.

2. Improved customer service

Do you know that sales and customer service are integrally linked? Just like you, many other sales professionals and business owners are not aware of it. Therefore, when you opt for sales training or skill development training courses, your team will develop the skills to communicate better. Communicating better with the customers will help the customers respond more positively.

Your customers give many verbal and non-verbal signals that most of the sales professionals do not pay attention to. Training will help your sales team to understand the customers’ needs, their reactions better and will help them to react accordingly.

3. Up-selling and cross-selling

To maximize your sales, it is important for your sales team to gauge the purchase habit of your customers. Training from some renowned sales training companies will help them to understand the needs of the customers and then offer them products or services accordingly that will meet their needs.

Armed with the required knowledge and skills, your sales team will first create the need in your customers and then offer products and services that will fulfil their needs. This will make the customers happy and will increase your sales and profits.

There are many more benefits that your organisation can enjoy from training. However, you need to select the best sales training consultancy that can cater to your organisation’s needs.

Sales Activity Control Model

Five Step Sales Activity Control Model

The “Five Step Activity Control Model” allows people to learn the “Why” relating to sales psychology in addition to the “How” relating to sales procedures which is traditionally taught. The end result will be that an individual will be able to be more successful in their personal and business environment by applying this model without worrying about remembering the details. Unfortunately, with this type of training, not all people will improve their sales skills dramatically, however, this system will allow a few to reach a “superstar” status.

Traditionally, most sales training involves the following elements.

1). Approach

2). Information gathering

3). Qualification

4). Presentation

5). Closing

6). Follow-up

The reason that most sales training involves these steps is that “in order for the human brain to make a decision and take action, it must go through certain steps or processes.” The traditional elements listed above are designed to lead the prospect to a decision and action. However, to be the “most efficient” at this process, we believe that the salesperson must also understand the mental steps that the human brain must go through to reach a decision and take action. The reason for this belief is that, we as sales people, will naturally violate the model! Therefore, we as sales people must learn to resist human nature.

Visual Reference

Draw a representation of a 5 tier stairway on a piece of paper.

In the upper left corner write – Needs & Desires. In the upper right corner write – Yes or No.

Number each tier from bottom to top and label 1. Curiosity 2. Interest 3. Information, 4. Belief and 5. Action

Continue to make notes we as you read.

Five Step ACTION & CONTROL Model

In order for the human brain to make a decision and take action, it must first have Curiosity, which then must grow into sincere Interest. At that time, and only then, can the brain objectively digest larger amounts of Information. When and if the brain reaches a sufficient level of Belief, a decision can be made and Action will occur.

Please note that the first step of the model is Curiosity and the third step is Information. Unfortunately, even trained salespeople have the tendency to give endless information immediately. By starting at Step Three, (Draw an arrow upward under and towards Information) the required mental process is short-circuited. The prospect then is not able to make a decision or take action; thus there is “No Decision”. (Make note to the right of Information). The salesperson then interprets that response as a “No” decision and a potentially good prospect is lost.

The next mistake the salesperson makes is not understanding what Action is desired. Most salespeople enter each approach expecting to sell each prospect and become disappointed when that doesn’t happen. Positive expectation is wonderful, but in this case misdirected. In order to be able to accept this concept emotionally, we must understand and embrace the concept of the “Law of Large Numbers” which says that only a certain percentage of the people we approach will be real prospects for potential sales. It falls upon us to get real “Yes’s” and real “No’s, and be able to accept each result the same emotionally.

The Model is designed to control our own environment while “leading the true prospect to Action and eliminate the non-prospect in the most efficient manner possible” and eliminate the “No Decisions”. Therefore, the desired Action is either a sale or the efficient termination of the process whichever is appropriate! We will get Yes’s or true No’s and eliminate the “Maybes”

If they are a Prospect but today is just not the right timing, we set up an impending event for the future to revisit the proposal.

If we are to expect a prospect to take Action, we must provide them with a process which allows them to create a high level of Belief that our desired Action will satisfy their Needs or Desires. Therefore, we must first identify their Desires and Needs, then relate those Desires and Needs to our desired Action. In addition, if we are to do this in the most efficient manner, we must control the process.

There exist two rules of Control which we must follow:

Less is More: Just the opposite of what our natural tendencies are, we must give the least amount of information possible until we get to the Information step. So, the process is to give bits of information, less than expected, and relate that information to the prospects Needs and Desires. To establish their Needs and Desires, instead of Telling more we must be continually Asking questions.

No Three in a Row: The second rule of the process is that we never answer Three questions in a row without following with one, if we are to maintain control of the process.

Questions: There are two basic types of questions we use in this process:

1. Open-ended questions which solicit general information and encourage the respondent to provide gene

Sales More

5 Tips To Closing More Sales More Quickly

Salespeople are often challenged by not closing the sale and not collecting leads. This challenge is compounded when store traffic is low. Small businesses are faced with high local competition, and increased internet sellers. When you do have a qualified buyer it is imperative you close the sale and do so quickly before you lose them. If you do not close them, at least collect their information so you can follow-up and close them later. These five tips will help you focus on efficiently qualifying the client and closing the sale.

Five tips to close more sales:

Ask the right questions
Listen with the intent to answer
Deliver a passionate presentation
Provide a compelling reason for them to buy today
Ask for the sale

1. Ask the right questions: WHO will use your product or service? WHAT will your product do for your customer? WHAT does he really want (outcome of using your product). WHERE is your product to be used? WHEN does he need it? WHY does he want or need it? All of these are important questions and should be asked. Some of you are probably thinking “I know this”, yet we so often forget to ask. There is no way you can make a good recommendation if you do not have a complete understanding of your customer’s wants and needs.

2. Listen with the intent to answer: We are becoming conditioned to respond to our cell phones more than to people. This is a sad but true statement. When working with a customer, give them 100% of your focus and attention. Ignore the phone, noise and distractions. Listen to them like they are sharing the most important news you will ever hear. Listen with the intent to answer. If they bring up an objection or question, answer it directly and honestly.

3. Deliver a passionate demonstration: We have all suffered through a robotic or overly complicated demonstration and thought, I so want this to be over! The best sales people are those who care about the customer’s needs, know their product in and out and deliver an engaging demonstration. Get your customer to participate during your demo by asking questions as you go and by addressing their needs and wants. Pay close attention to their body language. Are they bored, confused, disconnected? If so, bring back the conversation to them and their needs and wants. Every customer wants to know “What’s in it for me?” So make sure you keep their needs at the center of your demonstration.

4. Provide a compelling reason to buy: Why should they buy today? Make sure you have a good offer or special you can give them. It can be as simple as a free accessory or a discount. It can be a finance option or lay-away offer. Just have something you can offer if they do not say “Yes” to your closing question.

5. Ask for the sale: Well no surprise here! Close and close again. From the very first question you ask them, you should be formulating the perfect offer for their needs and wants. If you pay close attention to what they are telling you and if you are reading their body language, you should be able to formulate a great offer with a closing question. My favorite closing question is “What do you think?” Asking this question throughout your conversation can give you small closes. Example: If you are selling patio furniture, you could ask what they think of this color? If they say they love it. That is a small close. Try to get small closes as you go. Doing so will make the final close the natural next step of your conversation. It requires confidence to close a sale. Place yourself in a state of mind that you have nothing to lose by asking and assume they will buy from you. This will give you confidence and they will fell it.

Putting it all together looks like this: Be prepared by knowing your product in and out, then get to know your customer’s needs and wants by asking the right questions and listening intently to their answers. Present your product in an interesting manner and ask closing questions throughout. Then ask for the sale at the end. Buyers are meant to BUY and sellers are meant to SELL, it is a match made in heaven!

Sales Training

Sales Training

Ever have something come up that required TODAY money and… not been able to come up with it? Maybe a last minute trip, an investment opportunity, or an unexpected bill? I remember being there and remember exactly how it felt… It was horrible. After my Dad died, my Mom had to raise 5 kids on no income other than the little life insurance money my Dad had left behind… we had to compromise ALL THE TIME. I always saw other kids getting new clothes, new bikes, and when we had to move out of the Dream house my dad worked his entire life to build… I HAD IT!

I knew that getting rich was the only option that would allow me the freedom of choice in life that I was denied for in the years after my Dad’s death. Once I was finally able to increase my income, I had to learn how to multiply it. Over the years I developed an education about finances that allowed me to get where I am today.

The KEY… was discipline. We live in the wealthiest country in the world. We tout our freedom, but with 76% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, too many are not able to experience true freedom. Now… money is not everything, but money makes true freedom of choice much more real. The lack of education about money and finances,

I believe, is one of the most significant issues our country faces.

For example, people need to learn about personal finances (usually part of a sales training program)… for the REAL world. The winners in the country are the ones who get the right information and apply it the proper way in order to achieve a specific result… Success. If you are sick and tired of having to compromise the things that you want and the way that you live your life, then perhaps a sales training program is the right thing for you.

People who have started a sales training program have been able to go from making less than 6 figures a year, to making 6 figures a MONTH. The training can make a huge impact in your life.

Below are some of the tools learned in a good sales training program:

• Income is King

• Income Increments

• Spend 95% of Your Time on Income, 5% on Expenses

• The 40% Rule

• How to Use a Credit Card

• Pay Yourself First

• When to Use Debt

• Meet Weekly on Your Money

• Stay Broke

• Money Shortage Mindset

• Looking at Prices

• Worry About Money

• Selling Basics

• Understanding the Buyer

• The Sales Process

• Theory of Closing

• Closing Strategies

• Incoming Calls

• Follow-Up

• Follow-Up Tool

• Prospecting

• Internet Response

• 100 Ways to Stay Motivated

• Personal Finances

• Tips to Maximize Results

• Top Traits of Great Salespeople

• Handling Objections

• Inspiration from Grant

• Tips to Get Your Dream Job

Sales Training programs are popping up all over the United States now. With students and graduates severely lacking in skills related to sales, these training programs are becoming more and more important in today’s work place. And key in taking your business to the next level!

Business Sales

Using Webinars to Generate Business Sales

Webcasting has become a very strong method of generating sales of your content, products and services. There are a number of webcasting services out there that you can obtain accounts through such as Onstream Webinars, WebEx, Webinar, Adobe Connect, ReadyTalk, also now Periscope (which is a mobile application for live broadcasting owned by and integrated with Twitter) and now you can also use services such as Google Hangouts for no charge as well.

The key to successful webcasting is to strive to bring people into environments that allow you to do the following sorts of things:

· Archive completed seminars

· Allow attendees to both phone in and enter view computer or smart phone application

· Edit recordings when completed

· Mute participants

· Unmute more than one moderator

· Hide comments from participants to other viewers

· Handle hundreds and possibly even thousands of attendees

· Allow a customizable interface process that incorporates the sending out of e-mail invitations and also “about to start” notification messages

· Allows for live embedding of computer page views, video presentations, PowerPoint slides, etc.

· Allows you show the webcams of additional moderators

· Attach clickable files or links

· Share applications

· Have some method attached or a clickable link to a service you own where you can collect a payment

· Redirect people to a URL you specify when they logout

So how do you find the people to come to your webinar sessions? Following is a list of things you can do to get attendees.

· Invite them to attend through your e-mails and auto-responder systems.

· Post the events on various social media sites – try to get them to pre-register with a signup form link (think of using a LeadPage form for this) and a message like “Save your spot now because this webinar will fill up!”

· Announce it through Facebook – boost post if it warrants it price-wise.

· Announce it and advertise it through a YouTube video and campaign

· Announce it on a Lead Capture page on your web or blog site.

· Post blogs about it and share the blog posts

· If you have a related Udemy course, you can also use one of their promotional or maybe even an educational announcement to your students if the webinar meets the Udemy guidelines/rules.

Webinars are a great way to train people and get them excited about purchasing your paid content and applications you are promoting. People signup to learn something new and while learning, they can be viewing a product of some sort that will help them earn revenue, be more productive, or be of benefit to them in some way.

This is almost like one on one selling – but it has an advantage if things go well in your webinar – and that advantage is tied to the building of peer excitement about the product being viewed. If an attendee sees others getting excited and making purchases while on the webinar, it can inspire them to purchase as well.

So do not overlook the use of webinars as part of your sales funnel program. It can make you money.